You know it’s the third day when…

By July 7, 2015 December 30th, 2017 International Dance Exchanges

The mosquito bites have surfaced, the bonds have grown stronger, and the Panamanian heat is no longer acknowledged. Yep, it’s day three!

Today started with a beautiful hike to the top of Ancon hill, where we saw frogs and toucans while we walked through the rain. We then headed to take class/ teach class to the students of the University of Panama. Shirine and Annika lead a wonderful class, and the university students seemed to really enjoy themselves! After class, we had a buffet style lunch, followed by a trip to the Panama Canal.

The canal was very impressive, and has a very rich history behind its construction. Its not exactly disneyland, but it is truly a feat in engineering.

The night ended with dancing, dinner, and a reflection. I love hearing everyone’s thoughts on the day. Everyone experiences Panama differently, and yet we all share a common love for this vibrant country.

-Keira W

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