The Panama Video from Movement Exchange + University of Utah; footage from our incredible week in Panama!

By May 9, 2012 December 30th, 2017 International Dance Exchanges

Dear friends,

The Panama Video is now online! See real footage and listen to our musical ensemble – check out the documentary-esque footage of the University of Utah @ Panama, and link it to all your friends at:

Let me know if there’s any issues getting it to play, I’m pretty sure Vimeo requires the latest edition of Flash Player; hope you enjoy!
Much love, besitos


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  • Scotty Hardwig says:

    If the link doesn’t work, try copy and pasting the address into your browser.

  • juan Carlos Claudio says:

    There is no time and place I rather be than that incredible April week in Panama with my eight wonderful students and the company of Jose Leonardo, Carina and Anna. There is no better food I rather taste than that of Joana. This opportunity validated all I have known, dance is change, dance is love, dance is countless experiences without words. truly yours, jcc

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