The Panama Video from Movement Exchange + University of Utah; footage from our incredible week in Panama!

Dear friends,

The Panama Video is now online! See real footage and listen to our musical ensemble – check out the documentary-esque footage of the University of Utah @ Panama, and link it to all your friends at:

Let me know if there’s any issues getting it to play, I’m pretty sure Vimeo requires the latest edition of Flash Player; hope you enjoy!
Much love, besitos


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  • Scotty Hardwig says:

    If the link doesn’t work, try copy and pasting the address into your browser.

  • juan Carlos Claudio says:

    There is no time and place I rather be than that incredible April week in Panama with my eight wonderful students and the company of Jose Leonardo, Carina and Anna. There is no better food I rather taste than that of Joana. This opportunity validated all I have known, dance is change, dance is love, dance is countless experiences without words. truly yours, jcc

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