Spotlight: Nisha Singh, Program & Marketing Director of Movement Exchange

By May 1, 2014 May 25th, 2018 Movement Exchange

1. What is your background in dance?
I started as a dance photographer in my early 20’s, inspired by my art muse, Edgar Degas, and his evocative ability to pull you in to every ballet piece he created. I didn’t start practicing dance until my mid-20s, when I began looking for an expressive mean to connect with my cultural roots. I was deeply fascinated by the spirituality, generosity and fragility I was able to convey by gently articulating simple body parts like my eyes, hands, and feet in space.  This started my love affair with dance.

I consider very much a student of the practice, studying both modern and ballet at Alonzo King. Every class is a beautiful opportunity for me to improve, learn, and give deep meaning to the moment’s intention. Dance to me is very much an observation of life – how does the flower blossom, how do people talk, stand and sit next to each other –  what are they expressing with their body.

2. How did you get involved with Movement Exchange?
I was working on a photography narrative around the universal language of dance, and opened up Dancers Group, where I saw an Open-Call Ad for Movement Exchange. I immediately went to the website, emailed Anna, and we met a week later. I started helping Move-Ex on marketing and design. 4 months later, I met Mei-Ling, and we started dreaming up an India program that is now in fruition. The rest of this beautiful vision has still been unwritten.

3. What is your fondest memory of your exchange?
Well, interestingly, I hope to come back from my 1st exchange in May with many fond memories 🙂

4. How do you define Dance Diplomat?

A Dance Diplomat is someone who realizes their craft no longer serves them, but uses it as a gateway to serve others.

5. What has Movement Exchange taught you?
I am so inspired by the grace, compassion, and perseverance of the whole Move-Ex family. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such gentle and gracious individuals.

6. Who is your favorite choreographer?
Kyle Abraham, Abraham.In.Motion

7. What is the most compelling performance you have ever seen?
ou… a flamenco performance in Seville.

8. What’s your biggest accomplishment so far?
My biggest accomplishment is meeting 2 beautiful incredible partners who believe in a vision that is much greater than ourselves, and working our butts off to make this dream a reality.

9. Where’s the most exotic place you have been?
The Golden Temple in India

10. How many languages do you speak? Which ones?
English, French, Italian, almost fluent Hindi 🙂

11. What is one thing on your bucket list? 
One thing on my bucket list is to write a screenplay.

12. What’s something most people don’t know about you? 
I pursued Acting when I was 18.

13. If you could time travel, where and why?
The 1920s, definitely! An era of defiance.

14. What are some of your other hobbies?
I love photography, theater, art, graphic design, and spending time outdoors.

15. If you had a tagline/motto what would it be?
Keep Ithaka always on your mind!

16. What three words come to mind when you think of India?
Empathy, Compassion, Humanity

17. Do you think Movement Exchange would be valuable in India? Why?
Yes! India has this spiritual richness that is abundant at every corner. The must humbling and generous of souls carry their love for people and culture with deep passion.

The dance scene in India today represents a beautiful interplay of traditional and contemporary, blending influences from the Far East, West, and Europe. Our dance diplomats would be enriched and inspired by working with the communities in India, as their most basic ask is one of love and graciousness -values that the whole Move-Ex family is deeply engrained with.

18. Why do you dance?
I dance to communicate my love for life.

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