All About Samba

By November 20, 2018 Dance Diplomacy
Brazil festival celebrations

The Samba is not only a music genre in Brazil, but it is also a dance style. This style has flowing hips and fast footwork. The Samba dance originated on the west coast of Africa, but Samba music originated in Rio de Janeiro. Samba as a music genre and dance is most closely linked to Rio de Janeiro. Samba is a common cultural identity in Brazil, with influences on paintings, clothes, parties, and specific dance styles, such as the Samba de Gafieira which is common in Rio de Janeiro. The local style of Samba is in Southeastern Brazil and Northeast Brazil, although samba schools, musicians, and carnival organizations are found in every region of the country. From Samba Squares, to Samba Side Steps, the dance of Samba will strive, live on, and be celebrated by dancers everywhere.

– Alexis Hall, UNC Chapel Hill Dance Diplomat