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By September 16, 2014 December 30th, 2017 International Dance Exchanges

This post is a little late sorry!
Yesterday I started my day with yet another early morning. It’s just so peaceful to wake up and feel like the whole city is my own.

Cafe con leche and skyline view.

Had a delicious breakfast and some of us got to try maracuya.

We then drove to the University of Panama.
– We got to sit in on an amazing acting class
– Taught our first classes at the university
– I got to do some contact improve with foreign bodies
– Eat lunch with everyone

Visiting the university was so special. Teaching kids who are so hungry to learn is amazing. They have such a strong and creative community. I can’t wait to go back today!

After we taught at the university we went to the market central and it was raining. I had a slow motion moment full of laughter trying to escape the rain.

IMG_3825.JPG After a slightly longer break than expected we went to Danilo Perez Orphanage and due to the rain we only taught 6 kids. Regardless of the amount we had such a blast. I felt so connected to the kids and I had a very special moment with one of the girls while dancing. It is unbelievable how much can be said through just movement, it is a feeling that transcends and invites. I’m loving it.



IMG_3827.JPGOnce back home we had time to get ready and head to dinner. We ate as a group at this delicious Italian restaurant.

*(I’m a very horrible writer of emotions so I can’t go into detail)

It’s incredible how I can feel my heart changing.

Hasta hoy en la noche!
Chau 😘

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