Número Dos

By September 14, 2014 December 30th, 2017 International Dance Exchanges

I was the first one in our group to wake up this morning and it was so peaceful. I woke up to have cafe con leche and it was raining outside. I had a quiet breakfast with a view.


IMG_3739-1.JPG it’s amazing how empty the streets are at that time.

We then went on a two hour bus ride to Porto Belo where we got to improve on canons. Learning a little about the history of fuerte gironimo.


We took a Pasa Pasa class by Jairo, which is a Jamaican dance! Soooo fun considering I haven’t danced all summer.


After that we taught our first class in the Orphanage ( Aldea SOS ) what an incredible experience. My group taught the boys… and man were they talented. Two boys opened up to me and taught me choreo and saying goodbye was so tough. A part of my research in panama is how to keep the conversation going. Still in the research process but loving every minute of finding out. My soul is full. Thank you movement exchange.


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