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E-ducation is a dialogue
M-aking connections
P-ower is in hope
O-utstanding leadership
W-omen are bad-ass superheroes
E- nriching lives
R- emember why you serve
E- ndless work, but…
D- etermination is the starting line

We’ve just completed day two of the 2017 Move-Ex leadership conference, and I am already swamped with information, inspiration, and ideas. I know, after interacting with such a vibrant and accomplished group of women, that I have a lot of greatness that is required of me as well, not only with Movement Exchange, but simply as a human being.

It has been quite overwhelming to be honest. Discussing curriculum, marketing, branding, teaching methods, missions, goals, etc. Constantly evaluating the “why?” we do this and a lot of the “how?” we do this as well. But despite that overwhelmingness, the one thing I’ve taken away from the conference thus far is a strong sense of empowerment. I truly believe that I AM competent enough to bring the passion and hard work that it takes to truly make a positive difference in this world. And this conference is giving me the tangible tools to hit the ground running.

The acrostic poem I have written above is a reflection on that word “Empowered” and what it has meant to me this weekend. While I won’t take the time to explain each and every letter, I believe that the last two are a beautiful summary… dance diplomacy is “endless work”; we should constantly be evolving and growing and finding new ways to make an impact. And that can undoubtedly be difficult and tiring at times. However, with the determination to achieve your goals, anything – literally anything – is possible. And that is absolutely empowering for me.

Armoni Moody, Dance Diplomat from Barnard College
2017 Move-Ex Leadership Conference Participant

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