It’s Show Time!

By July 29, 2016 May 25th, 2018 International Dance Exchanges

imageIt seems crazy that this is my third year, in the same country, working with a lot of the same children, and I have had a completely new experience. Through my first two exchanges I gladly took the roll of the follower. I followed the lead of the veteran exchangers and was the person that just wanted to love on all of the kids. Teacher and leader were never necessarily my strong points.

This year, being one of the veterans, with a group of new people, I had to change my roll. I was able to share my love and knowledge of this program. I even decided to step up into the roll of teacher for a few days. I will not lie, the first day of teaching a bunch of little nuggets from age 4-8, was a new challenge for me. With constant distractions, tired children, and of course the language barrier, I felt as though I was failing. At the end of an emotionally and mentally draining class, it was time to get back to what I love the most, just playing and loving on these kids. As the chaos of free time began, I had the cutest little boy approach me and show me that he had learned every move and wanted me to practice with him. It took every bit of my strength to not just cry for joy. This joy continued into my second day of teaching. The kids actually remembered the dance!

Our time teaching here has had its ups and downs, but the true exchange of joy that has taken place overshadows all of those trying moments. These children have had a chance to learn and express themselves and in turn they have allowed us to feel the raw emotion that we are not granted in our day to day lives.

All lol of the hard work and determination from the kids and us teachers will come to show tonight! We have the annual Talentio en Movimiento tonight at 6:00! All of the kids we have worked with will come together to perform their choreography on one stage. It will be a moment of true chaos, love, and amazingness as all of the kids will all be in one place!

Curtain up! It’s show time!

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