First teaching day in Kolkata!

By January 12, 2015 December 30th, 2017 International Dance Exchanges

The differences between Mumbai and Kolkata become more, and more evident each day we are here. Today I discovered that not only does the traffic, dress, and infrastructure seem different in Kolkata, but our students do as well!
We began our day teaching at Ek Prayaas, a day school. Here, we were greeted by about forty smiling faces, all waiting obediently in four, well organized, lines. We spent two hours teaching the students choreography and playing movement games-they even taught us a few games of their own! The students differed from our students in Mumbai. These students at first seemed a bit shy and bashful, yet as class progressed, they quickly opened up, finishing up beaming from ear to ear. Ek Prayaas students are incredibly well behaved, something you don’t expect from a group of youngsters! We were addressed as “ma’am” and listening to instructions seemed, for the most part, to be no problem for these kids! All in all, it was great to see the differences amongst the students we teach, yet despite these differences, I found that the same effect that we created in Mumbai, was still created after we taught our classes here in Kolkata; a smile and a radiating happiness, that comes from movement!
This happiness then translated into our evening workshop at Dew Drops Dance Studio. The studio is charming and intimate. Here, Kim, Anna, and myself kicked off the workshop with a vast array of classes. The students were amazing, as per usual. Even amidst my grueling “HIIT” workout, they kept smiling. These are types of students who make teaching so rewarding !
We finished off the day with a dinner at a local “Indian, Bengali, Italian, AND Thai” restaurant, celebrating our dearest Tailia’s birthday! Certainly, a great day for Movement Exchange-India!


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