By January 10, 2016 December 30th, 2017 International Dance Exchanges

imageMy favorite thing about travel is how simple it is to connect with people who don’t speak your language. It’s amazing how much body language, movement, and playfulness can do to make connections.

A closed off demeanor can make you not approachable. Through working with children I have learned how an open body can make an amazing impact in becoming welcoming.

When teaching dance all you have to do is move with or without music and the children follow. There is no need for knowing every word. Kids are kids in every country. Just be welcoming and willing to laugh at yourself. Seeing smiles on the faces of the students at the school was enough to know that what you are doing is beneficial.

One awesome moment of playfulness during this trip was swimming in the river with Dylan, a young boy from Chepo who joined us at the school for the day. It was not necessary to use many words to have competitions for hand stand, holding your breath underwater, and swimming speed.

Without being willing to smile and be goofy this amazing connection and all the amazing connections with the students would have never been made.

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