Caves to Terraces–Day of Adventure in South Mumbai

By January 4, 2015 December 30th, 2017 International Dance Exchanges
Elephanta Caves off South Bombay in the Arabian Sea.

Elephanta Caves off South Bombay in the Arabian Sea.

Breakfast on the rooftop, digging into our week’s itinerary, walking through Bandra streets, a ferry ride through Gateway of India to the Elephanta Caves in the Arabian Sea, and a private terrace party at Nisha’s family home–I lay here already in disbelief that so much can happen in one day. I felt so many sensations and emotions, tasted so many foods, learned so much history, and shared so much with my friends–I’m a different person than I was this morning. Than five minutes ago. We had a conversation in the car ride home from Nisha’s house, after an amazing dinner under a full moon, about how first of all our bodies are such mysterious structures, but also about how we are constantly evolving. Not only am I mentally and emotionally growing and evolving in each experience, but literally my cells are regenerating and my physical being is never stagnant. I’m never actually the same from one moment to the next, and especially over long periods of time. Which is comforting for me to know, because I’m a person who feels conflicted by a fluidity of changing thoughts and feelings and desires–it’s the Gemini curse. By the way, there are four Geminis in the group. We definitely bring the fun!

There were countless moments to cherish today, like having a mob of people take our picture at the Gateway of India when we jumped into a group photo of a school field trip (Fun fact: people here LOVE to take pictures with foreigners. I’ve been asked many times already to stand in a photo with an Indian stranger. It’s odd!). Or gazing up at giant Hindu deities carved into the walls of the Elephanta Caves. Or just talking about anything and everything on the ferry boat ride. This group of women is really astounding. We are diverse, but share the same passions for art and humanity. Friends, old and new, have come together here in India. It’s surreal. This just doesn’t happen in normal life. I can’t stop basking in the beauty of it all, and how thankful I am.

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