An Eye-Opening Experience

By July 2, 2017 May 25th, 2018 International Dance Exchanges

My experience here has been eye opening. I believe that I’ve learned so much from just being here a few days. The kids at Aldea and Malambo have taught me more about myself than I truly realized. I see that language barriers are real but it doesn’t mean that it can stop a connection from happening. They have also taught me patience, versatility, and   how important the community is for development. It’s such a pleasing feeling seeing them interact with each other and with us, as well as them showing their love for dance! I think it definitely has made a positive influence in their lives and I’m happy to be apart of that. Taking classes here also has given me the inspiration to travel and dance and continue to grow to learn different dance styles.

– Alexandra Stewart, Dance Diplomat from Frostburg State University

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