Today was a yet another day of learning and new experiences. Going to the canal museum gave me a different and more in-depth understanding of the culture and uprising of the beautiful country of Panama. Although a different energy than Malambo, going to Aldea SOS was one of the brightest highlights of my day. Today was my first time getting to work with the older group of children which was a different experience that I quite enjoyed. I feel really good being at the orphanages and teaching because I can see the expressions on the children’s faces that ensures me that at least one thing may resonate through them and possibly last while just by my presence. Another highlight of my day was getting to see the parts of town that no tour would show you. I loved that René took the time to show all the dance diplomats the area that he grew up in because I often have a problem when going to visit new places and you are only shown the good things. On that unofficial tour we saw some of the real people of Panama and that was special to me and there was just something special seeing how real the areas where with spoke sitting outside with friends and family living their day to day life.

– Amya Quillin, Dance Diplomat