Meet Sarah
Sarah Mills

Sarah Mills

WMU Chapter President

Major: B.F.A. in Dance, minor in Nonprofit Leadership

Year: Senior

Hometown: Warsaw, IN

Why did you join Movement Exchange?

I started this chapter at WMU because I wanted to find a way to wed my passions of dance and service, and it just so happens that Movement Exchange does that perfectly.

How can dance change the world?

Dance is therapy. Dance is joy. Dance is freedom. Dance is expression. Dance is working hard for something bigger than yourself and your circumstances. Dance has the power to change people for the better, and I’ve seen it happen so many times that I refuse to stop believing in it as a vehicle for social change and inspiration.

What is your favorite thing about Movement Exchange?

The best part of Move-Ex for me is when you are fully immersed in sharing your passion, like at the orphanages on an exchange in Panama, and you see the kids’ faces light up with excitement, joy, and pride for finally getting a dance step or sequence down. It is that moment that makes it all worth it.

What makes the WMU chapter of Movement Exchange unique?

Even though Move-Ex at WMU is new and just finding its roots on campus and in the greater Kalamazoo area, I can already tell that it is going to be an extremely passionate and selfless group that simply wants to share their love for dance with anyone and everyone.


Sarah received a grant to participate in an exchange to Panama with Movement Exchange and was featured by her university! Read the article.