Meet Molly
Molly Hodgson

Molly Hodgson

UW–Madison Chapter President

Major: Dance, certificate in Pilates

Year: Senior

Hometown: Waterford, WI

Why did you join Movement Exchange?

I was encouraged by a professor who directs a local outreach dance program in the Madison community to look into Movement Exchange. I was immediately excited by the mission, and I knew I had to bring it to my campus.

How can dance change the world?

Dance has the power to bring happiness to individuals who can then spread and share their happiness

What is your favorite thing about Movement Exchange?

Meeting individuals who share the same passions as me and desire to help others through incorporating dance in their lives.

What makes the UW–Madison chapter of Movement Exchange unique?

Move-Ex at UW–Madison is fortunate to be able to work with a local community outreach program that has a similar mission as the national non-profit organization.