Move-Ex Chapter Handbook

Includes information about starting a Movement Exchange university chapter, fundraising, leadership roles and responsibilities, local dance service, international dance exchanges, and recruitment.

Curriculum Handbook

Includes information and resources about cross-cultural understanding, child development, teaching methods and lesson planning, age-appropriate movement exercises and activities, dance activism, and suggested readings.

Chapter Meeting Handbook

Includes a chapter meeting model, monthly themes that unite all 23 university chapters, meeting objectives, inter-chapter collaboration, and chapter challenges.

Panama Pre-Departure Handbook

Includes information and resources about Panamanian culture and history, Spanish basics, exchange costs, sample itinerary, how to prepare, in-country accommodations, and Panamanian partners.

Move-Ex Branding & Social Media Guidelines

Includes information about the Move-Ex brand, talking points, elevator pitch, tough questions, logos, design, and social media.

Recruitment, Marketing & fundraising materials

Call-out Meeting Flyer Template

This editable flyer is for you to market your call-out/recruitment meetings. You can print these flyers and hang them around campus, pass them out in classes or at involvement fairs. You can also save the document as an image (.jpg or .png) and share it on social media.

Trifold Poster Template

This editable poster (11in x 17in) can be printed and pasted to the middle section of a trifold poster, which chapters generally set up at their campus’ student involvement fair. Customize the two outside panels with photos and information about your chapter. The middle section poster serves to be informative and creates a unified look across all chapters.

Call-out Meeting/Recruitment Presentation

This PowerPoint presentation is a template for you to use when introducing interested and new members to your Movement Exchange university chapter.

Brochure Template

Your chapter brochure is great to give to interested members, but also to professors, potential donors, community partners, and parents. You can customize the brochure’s content to best describe your chapter, but the general information about Move-Ex is helpful for any audience.

Exchange Flyer Template

This flyer is for you to market your chapter’s international dance exchange. It can help recruit more participants and raise awareness about your chapter’s upcoming exchange around campus and in your community. Include ways to donate!

Event Flyer Template

Use these flyers to market any upcoming event hosted by your chapter, such as a dance workshop or a fundraising event. You can print these flyers and hang them around campus or pass them out. You can also save the document as an image (.jpg or .png) and share it on social media.

Fundraising Resources and Templates

In this folder, you will find templates for you to use when asking for donations from family/friends or small businesses, applying for grants, and thanking your donors for their contributions. Make sure to personalize all your letters.

Monthly Powerpoint Presentations

These monthly templates are for you to use during general body meetings. Each presentation includes the State of the Movement Address, talking points on the monthly theme, and information about the national organization’s upcoming events. Be sure to add any information specific to your chapter.

Movement Exchange Five-Year Report

The Five-Year Report includes facts, figures, testimonials, and graphics that you can use when presenting to potential donors, when applying for scholarships or grants, and even to show to parents who may want more evidence of the legitimacy of our work.

Logos & Design Tools

Chapter logos

To receive a logo for your chapter designed by our branding team, please click the button below and fill out the form.

If your chapter already has a logo, download it here. Read the Move-Ex Brand Handbook for rules and best practices.

Brand Fonts

Movement Exchange has three brand fonts: Museo 700, DHD Regular, and Arial. Read the Move-Ex Brand Handbook for rules and best practices.

Brand Graphic Elements

If you have a strong foundation in design, and have access to Adobe Creative Suite, you may use these Move-Ex graphic elements to create original designs. Read the Move-Ex Brand Handbook for rules and best practices.

Move-Ex Panama Photos

Here is the Move-Ex inventory of photos from Panama international dance exchanges. You may use any of these photos for presentations, to create social media events, or any time you need photography to illustrate what Move-Ex is all about.

Social Media Cover Photos

Each month, Movement Exchange chapters focus on a theme based on our core values. Part of this is changing your social media (Facebook and Twitter) cover photos to the theme graphic. Access those social media cover photos, and other graphic options, here.


If you have questions about logo uses, fonts, or anything design and marketing related, Read the Move-Ex Brand Handbook or email


Chapter Apparel

Movement Exchange welcomes chapters to design merchandise and shirts bearing their chapter logo–within the regulations of Movement Exchange Branding Guidelines. Chapters are encouraged to create innovative, creative designs for their apparel, barring the design does not dilute or hurt the Movement Exchange brand.

Chapters should consult their university’s Apparel and Merchandise Standards before creating anything bearing that university’s logo, name, or identity.

University chapters are responsible for all apparel orders and coordination with vendors. They may choose what products to print on (t-shirts, tanks, etc.), but the items must be in one of the required colors (see below).

Because Movement Exchange is an open-source organization, we encourage chapters to share their designs with other chapters who may not have access to designers. If you would like to add your merchandise/apparel design to the this page for download, please email us at

Color Requirements

Designs must only use Movement Exchange brand colors and fonts (refer to pages 13 and 14 in the Branding Guidelines Handbook).

The clothing item you choose to print logos and designs on must be one of these colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Grey

If your chapter would like to print on another colored apparel item, contact


Below are examples of chapter t-shirt designs.

The front-of-shirt design is your chapter logo.

If your chapter already has a logo, download it here.

The back-of-shirt design is downloadable below.

Movement Exchange Apparel

You can purchase Movement Exchange, the national organization, apparel at any time! Check out our great shirts in our Movement Exchange shop.