Meet Dana
Dana Vanderburgh

Dana Vanderburgh

Indiana University Chapter President

Major: International Studies and French

Year: Junior

Hometown: Wayland, MA

Why did you join Movement Exchange?

I decided to join Movement Exchange at IU after having to stop ballet due to a series of chronic injuries. I was devastated when I thought I had to stop dancing, but when I learned about Move-Ex at IU, I realized there were so many other ways I could use my training in and passion for dance to make this world a better place.

How can dance change the world?

I believe that dance can make a positive difference in the world by demonstrating and teaching people how it is possible to connect with anyone regardless of any cultural, socioeconomic, financial or physical barriers that we are told are insurmountable. Movement and dance allow us to not only express ourselves, but connect with those around us in a safe, constructive and fun manner.

What is your favorite thing about Movement Exchange?

The best part of Move-Ex is working with such a dedicated group of dancers who are movers not only in the physical sense of the world, but people who move to make a positive difference in the world. It is so inspiring to work with people who are truly moving to change.

What makes the IU chapter of Movement Exchange unique?

Move-Ex at IU is unique because we have the distinction of being the first university chapter of Movement Exchange. As such, we are incredibly passionate about our work and role in the national organization. Bloomington is also a very international and artistic town that provides so many opportunities for us to learn more about dance around the world and feel supported in our outreach efforts in the community.

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