Meet Kim
Kim Lash-Rosenberg

Kim Lash-Rosenberg

Cornish College Chapter President

Major: Dance

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Richmond, CA

Why did you join Movement Exchange?

I feel that Movement Exchange has a powerful message and a strong sense of community. I wanted to start a chapter to help embody their ideas while helping to gain a sense of connection through movement in my community.

How can dance change the world?

Dance helps create long lasting relationships and happiness. By spreading dance through the world it will help people gain a sense of community through such a positive and wonderful art form.

What is your favorite thing about Movement Exchange?

The best part of Move-ex is having a group of people support what you are passion about and being able to be connect to other people in the world and share your experiences together.

What makes the Cornish chapter of Movement Exchange unique?

What makes our chapter of Move-ex unique is our accessibility to collaborate with other art forms and spreading the joy of movement with other people.