Meet Armoni
Armoni Moody

Armoni Moody

Barnard Chapter President

Major: Dance, minor in Education

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Why did you join Movement Exchange?

I believe that dance is the perfect medium for developing communication skills, self-confidence and cultural awareness, three principles that every human being needs in order to thrive in this world. I was so excited when I discovered Movement Exchange because the goal of the organization is to use dance to spread these exact principles across the world.

How can dance change the world?

I believe dance makes a positive difference in the world through love. Dance can teach us first to love ourselves and then to love others. Through dancing, we love ourselves by developing self-confidence, healthy living skills, self-expression and more.
And through dancing we love others by discovering and appreciating the art and culture of those that are different from us and by listening to the stories that people tell through their dancing.

What is your favorite thing about Movement Exchange?

The best part of Movement Exchange for me is being able to serve the community through dance. It is so beautiful that I can use an art that I am passionate about to make people happy,to broaden perspectives and increase cultural and social awareness.

What makes the Barnard chapter of Movement Exchange unique?

Move-Ex at Barnard is passionate about infusing different dance styles and techniques in our classes and workshops and other projects. We don’t just want hip-hop dancers and belly dancers in the same room. We want to figure out how those dancers can work together to create a spectacular work of art! It takes learning new about new cultures and new styles to a different level because you make it your own too.