Movement Exchange unites dance and service.

We are a growing community of Dance Diplomats—movers and shakers, activists and global citizens, dreamers and achievers, teachers and learners, volunteers and friends. We believe that sharing movement creates more joy in our world.


Movement Exchange unites dance and service through its network of university chapters, international dance exchanges, and year-round programs in underserved communities.


Movement Exchange envisions a world in which:

  • Dance education is accessible to all
  • Dance is synonymous to service
  • Dance enables all to achieve their optimal mental, social, and physical well-being


  • Cross-cultural understanding
  • Civic engagement
  • Social equality and inclusion
  • Creative expression
  • Sustainable dance education


Anna Pasternak, founder of Movement Exchange, was 25-years-old and working in international development when she dreamed of a way for dancers to make a difference in the world. She asked, “How can dance education reach underserved populations, and how can trained dancers use their skills to give back to the world?” Intent on the idea of creating a global community of like-minded dancers passionate about service and social justice, Anna founded Movement Exchange in 2010.


Since 2010, Movement Exchange has:

  • Engaged over 1,165 dance diplomats in 27,071 hours of local and international dance service.
  • Expanded the chapter model of Move-Ex to 20 universities in the United States. Chapters commit to domestic and international service work year-round while uniting their campus’s community through dance.
  • Provided over 1,685 dance classes taught by local instructors throughout Panama. Movement Exchange supports year-round, locally staffed dance programs in the communities we serve.
  • Organized 8 annual shows in Panama starring hundreds of youth involved in Movement Exchange’s year-round dance programs.
  • Nurtured over 17,450 young minds to think creatively and critically, become agents of change, and dream for a better future.

We are changing lives through dance. Will you join us?



Movement Exchange creates a sustainable impact in the areas in which we work by supporting year-round, locally staffed dance programs. We currently have dance programs at two orphanages and a neighborhood in Panama and our Move-Ex university chapters provide free dance classes at domestic violence shelters, youth programs and refugee centers throughout the United States.


1: a person who uses their talent and passion for dance to influence positive social change

2: one who encourages others to dance to allow for cognitive, creative, and social growth



Movement Exchange’s growing network of university chapter members and alumni provide free, accessible dance education in their own communities throughout the United States and abroad.



Movement Exchange organizes international dance exchanges and runs year-round, locally staffed dance education programs at various orphanages and foundations throughout Panama.



As of 2017, Movement Exchange has begun offering international dance exchanges to Rio de Janeiro during which participants will discover the cultural intricacies of Brazil through dance.



U.S. Embassy of Panama

The U.S. Embassy has been a supporter of Movement Exchange from its conception. With the support of the U.S. Embassy, Move-Ex has held various performances starring over 100 at-risk youth at the National Theater of Panama.

The National University of Panama

Movement Exchange teaches and takes class with the dance department at the National University of Panama.

Malambo Orphanage

Movement Exchange works and sometimes lives with the youth of the Malambo Orphanage during exchanges. Malambo also receives dance classes throughout the year with Movement Exchange’s Panamanian team. There are over 100 children at Malambo, and a special team to care for their HIV positive youth.

Escuelita del Ritmo

Escuelita del Ritmo in Portobelo, Colon, Panama is an after school music program created to preserve the Afro-Panamanian traditions of the Colon region. Movement Exchange teaches dance classes at the foundation and takes fun Passa Passa classes from their pupils.

Aldea SOS

The Aldea SOS Orphanage in Colon and Panama City receives weekly classes from Movement Exchange’s Panamanian team in addition to classes from our international volunteers during dance exchange weeks. Over 60 youth live in their houses.

Fundación San Felipe

Movement Exchange works with the youth of Fundación San Felipe, a foundation that teaches over 60 at-youth children in the neighborhood of Chorrillo.

National Dance School

The National Dance School offers affordable dance education to children and teenagers in Panama City. They offer classes in an array of dance styles including Panamanian folkloric, flamenco, ballet, modern, and more.

The Ministry of Arts and Culture

Movement Exchange volunteers teach classes at the National Dance School of Panama supported by INAC.

View our U.S. university partners in the university chapters section.



Anna Pasternak

Founder & Executive Director

Andrea Gonzalez

Malambo Orphanage Instructor (Panama)

Adele Switzer

Program Director

Kimberly Choi

Country Coordinator (Panama)

Izzabella Irwin

Panama Fellow

Hannah Crane

Marketing Coordinator

Corps du Movement Exchange


  • Alex Maasry
  • Kimberly Lucht
  • Hannah Crane
  • Rasiel Rodriguez
  • Adriana Pineiro
  • Maria Jose Sucre
Board Members

  • Lider Sucre
  • Zachary Jones
  • Alan Sussna

Thank you to our board members, advisors, supporters, and donors for helping make Movement Exchange’s programs possible. Movement Exchange is an equal opportunity employer. To learn more about our non-discriminatory policy, contact us at

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"I came to realize how universal some things are in this world and, of course, dance is one of those things. This trip has done so much for me. It cleared my mind. It helped me become wiser. It made me more mature. It brought the explorer out of me. It gave me a new start. It gave me a break. It helped me love. It helped me laugh. It helped me smile. It tested me, yet it also relaxed me. It helped me get away, yet it also made me realize things about myself that I never knew."

− Ken, Movement Exchange Dance Diplomat

"It is a privilege to be part of a group with such steadfast participation who also carries the vision of social change through dance. This experience upholds the title because it will move you in so many ways and will immerse everyone involved in an exchange of culture, ideas, and lasting friendships."

− Dr. Jenn, Movement Exchange Dance Diplomat

"I strongly believe that boosting confidence and self-esteem in one area of your life (dance, for instance) greatly improves these qualities in other areas as well. I will continue to support this program because it is one of the few times in my life I have felt like I have the ability to help others directly. Witnessing what this program provides first-hand makes it impossible to remain inactive or apathetic."

− Audrey, Movement Exchange Dance Diplomat

"Anytime you put a group of generous, talented people together who have the desire to give and grow something magical happens. And, that magic can’t truly be translated unless one experiences it for themselves. It’s a beautiful thing and I’m so fortunate to have been a part of an adventure that has, hands down, been one of the best experiences of my life."

− Nikki, Movement Exchange Dance Diplomat

"I cannot sufficiently explain what this experience has opened my eyes to, or the impact it has made on my life. Over the course of this past week and a half I have gained a new family in my fellow volunteers and have left pieces of my own heart in the hands of young girls at Malambo Orphanage."

− Robyn, Movement Exchange Dance Diplomat

"I feel like all dancers can be activists everyday.
It nourished me as a human being. I was hooked."

− Lynn, Movement Exchange Dance Diplomat