Movement Exchange fosters civic engagement, cross-cultural understanding, and creative expression through dance and service. We use dance as a vehicle for social change. This is dance diplomacy.

Ways You Can Get Involved


Open Call for Dancers

Join us for an 8–day exchange to Panama. The next Open Call is December 14-21, 2014 in Panama.

Move to Change

Start a Club

Leave a legacy at your university. Lead a dance exchange to Panama or Brazil.

Move to Change

Customize Your Exchange

Lead your dance studio, company or high school students on a dance service exchange.

Move to Change

Adopt A Dance Program

Your dance studio can sponsor a dance program at orphanages in Latin America.

Move to Change

Has dance changed your life? Give the gift of movement!

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"For the fourth year in a row, Movement Exchange has changed my life in ways that I never expected"

− Lili, 4x Dance Diplomat

"With volunteers domestic and abroad, there is a constant presence of service-minded dancers bringing the joy of movement to children every week. It is a privilege to be part of a group with such steadfast participation who also carries the vision of social change through dance. This experience upholds the title because it will move you in so many ways and will immerse everyone involved in an exchange of culture, ideas, and lasting friendships."

− Jennifer, Dance Diplomat

"Yet, again, coming Panama for Movement Exchange was an unforgettable journey- living and working in this places of vibrancy and unwavering human energy has been an emotional journey for all of us, challenging our humanity and our capacity to love and give, honor...and so much fun! "

− Scotty, 2x Dance Diplomat