Movement Exchange unites dance and service through its network of university chapters, international dance exchanges, and year-round programs in underserved communities.


Share culture, exchange ideas, and discover the world through dance and movement.

Leave a legacy at your university by uniting dancers to engage in local dance service.

Advocate for accessible dance education on this global day of dance and service.

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"Movement Exchange’s model is holistic, grounded in local culture, sustainable, and based on the notion that all global citizens have equal capacities to teach and learn. It is not your average volunteer-service organization."

− Dana, Movement Exchange Dance Diplomat

"I love to dance because I don't worry about all my problems. I'm free when I dance."

− Ruth, 8 year-old dancer from Malambo Orphanage

"Movement Exchange is a family of kind-hearted and generous people who endeavor to improve the lives of others, even through a simple act of kindness. The joy shared between our dancers—volunteers and participants alike—is a happiness that can transcend boundaries of age, language, and cultural differences."

− Lindsay, Move-Ex Dance Diplomat

"Movement Exchange allows me to be my truest and happiest self. I cannot imagine my life without this organization, and I feel privileged to be a part of it."

− Jillian, Movement Exchange Dance Diplomat

"Yet, again, coming to Panama for Movement Exchange was an unforgettable journey- living and working in this place of vibrancy and unwavering human energy has been an emotional journey for all of us, challenging our humanity and our capacity to love, give, honor...and it was so much fun!"

− Scotty, Movement Exchange Dance Diplomat

"For the fourth year in a row, Movement Exchange has changed my life in ways that I never expected."

− Lili, Movement Exchange Dance Diplomat

"This was an unexpected life changing experience. This movement exchange opened my eyes to a different culture, inspired me to learn more about the world, helped me develop teaching skills, taught me how important and powerful dance is, and allowed me to give back to a community through movement. I am completely moved and empowered by this exchange and am so grateful it fell into my destiny."

− Angelica, Movement Exchange Dance Diplomat